Best free VPN for Torrent

Who should dare torrents without a VPN? That is clearly a disastrous voyage as you would inevitably become vulnerable to cybercrime attacks and encroachment. With the premonition of all these shortcomings, online activities must go on regardless. Hence, you need the best free VPN for torrent.

Even with the cybersecurity promises of many VPN systems, the drear of most internet users is the expensiveness of them for that reason; some may risk indulging in a non-VPN proof torrenting. But no one really deserves to explore the web at the mercy of internet miscreants when VPN services like hotspot shield, security kiss, Hide.Me, Express, and many others offer free VPN services to subscribers.

Here, we will be looking at the many credits and benefits of these systems so you will have an array of free VPN services to choose for your torrenting.

For the safe torrenting, this VPN is one of the fastest with guarantees of no logs, meaning users’ details are not stored on it, they also promise anonymity of user too. VPN has apps in about four major platforms including iPhone and Androids. It also ensures connection to three servers and provides 2 GB per month.

For accessibility concerns, gives support to PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and IPSEC. With VPN, users have the liberty to download torrent without any form of restrictions and live stream all they want.


Renowned for its unrelenting mad speed provision, Express VPN is one of the best vpns for torrenting. Its provision of anonymous services to users and offer of superfast servers to 94 countries have earned it the desire of many internet users.

Express VPN is greatly reputed for rock-solid encryption and non-compromised security for its users, so the fear of leaked IP address and other vital details of users are allayed. For split tunneling, users of Mac and windows are given freedom to protect their clients.

The best part of this best VPN is that it offers free VPN services to users too; this is truly “the best of the best.”

Hotspot Shield

This is new and incredibly popular owing to its amazing qualities. This VPN understands that the paramount desire of internet users regarding torrenting is speed in connection. Hence, the pride of Hotspot shield is the provision of an unmatched fast speed in all online activities.

It also gives a minimum of 500mb a day, can any VPN be this generous? Apart from this, Hotspot shield is very easy and simple to use.


When you are in search of a VPN for torrenting that allows for multiple devices, then Windscribe is the VPN to go with. P2P enjoys the support on more devices, and no log policy is guaranteed alongside anonymity of the user.

In a nutshell, Windscribe is committed to giving its users unlimited device connection, non-storing of log details, great security, and free VPN services too.


Your downloads can be achieved at a great speed and protected with the use of Cyberghost VPN for all your torrenting.

Cyberghost VPN gives you an automatic connection to a P2P server, it also takes care of your torrenting activities and programs, by undertaking the fixing of your settings, saving you the trouble of adjusting your settings every time you are set up for torrenting. User anonymity is also guaranteed, and the sweetest part is the free VPN services it provides.

Security Kiss

This VPN is deliberate about giving free and unlimited access to four country locations and up to 300mb a day. It also offers support to open VPN on all Mac and Windows devices.

Wrapping It UP

When a VPN promises and are proven to render the best security, strong encryption, water/airtight from all forms of leakages, gives kill switch that terminates network connection in the event of a VPN failure, saving your IP address from getting exposed and enables fast downloads, then you don’t have to go “a torrenting ” without a VPN next time.