About Nathan

Nathan Collier, tech writer.

Hi, I am Nathan. As you already know, I am a writer, a tech writer.

For many years, I have been writing pieces on various topics with a focus on cybersecurity.

Why? I do believe this topic is as important as your personal security or well being. Moreover, it can directly affect it. Look, we click hundreds of links every week (or month, it depends on a person, of course). Still, there is a chance that such a link can result in data theft, data breach, information loss, or even block your computer. One would say that’s not a big deal. 

No, they are wrong! Such events may hit your bank account, result in unauthorized publication and intrusion of privacy.

So, I am serious about cybersecurity issues. I have worked as a journalist in Georgia, U.S.A., produced content for tech companies, and currently work as the writer at bestantiviruspro.org and as an editor at CopperBell Media. I do some freelance work as well and write on subjects related to cybersecurity, starting from doing reviews to some tips for the users or the HR departments. 

My expertise derives from my experience, education, and interest. Working for companies helped me see the value of my writing for customers while studying at The University of Georgia, and journalist experience offered guidelines and vision. That’s why I combined my interest in cybersecurity and writing skills to give some advice. 

So far, I call myself a tech writer, researcher, and cybersecurity advocate. I do reviews on antiviruses, and I write guidelines and tips on security. 

Here are some of my works:

If you see a room for any cooperation or want to share your thoughts with me, or comment on work, contact me.