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Waterproof Dog Beds

Essential Steps in Choosing Dog Beds

If you are ready to get your dog a separate bed, you are sure to face a huge selection of options. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t buy the first one you see. Take your time to study the brands, types of materials used, and other factors you may find important.

Approach the selection process with full seriousness and get ready to learn more about the existing types of dog beds while deciding which one your pet needs.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs a Bed

Firstly, it needs to know that there is some space that is completely his. Whenever the pet feels tired, bored, sleepy, etc. it can go and rest there. You also need your personal space, so the couch in your living room won’t be an option forever. This is a win-win situation for both of you.

Another huge reason to buy waterproof dog beds is to save your furniture from being worn out but the dog. Especially if you own several dogs. Pick something cozy and comfortable and let the dog get used to it. You won’t have as much dog hair everywhere since it will spend time lying down on its bed instead of your pillows.

Finally, you need a dog bed for your backyard. It’s very convenient if you have an elevated dog bed. Waterproof dog beds won’t be damaged by rain and keep the dog away from the dirt, grass, etc. Pick the most suitable option based on the type of the backyard and the region you live in.

Things to Look for in Waterproof Dog Beds

Aside from being waterproof, the bed should be stain-resistant, durable, comfortable, and many other things. If you plan on keeping it outside, it’s essential to get something you can easily clean with a powerwash, wet cloth, or any other preferable way. It’s also wise to get the elevated models lest rain got it wet from the bottom.

Regardless of where you put it, the bed should be made from durable material like canvas or nylon. It will even survive the dog’s jumping. In case your dog is allergic, you should avoid materials that can cause such trouble. If you are not sure about something, contact the seller or the manufacturer to get detailed information.

Pick a suitable size and we mean it. Don’t just get a huge bed for your little dog just because you can. There is a reason why they come in different sizes. In most cases, that’s because the dog’s body stays warm by warming up the bed. The pet won’t be able to warm up a bed too big. On the contrary, it still needs space to stretch out and curl up. So, take measurements and find the size and shape that suits your furry friend.

Placing the dog bed on the wooden floors or tile, require non-slippery bottoms. Otherwise, the pet might toss it around the house. While it may seem cute, the dog won’t feel like it has a personal room/corner. Give it some time to get used to having a certain part of the room to itself. It’s also wise to keep the dog’s toys nearby.

When choosing waterproof dog beds, you should define the budget, too. Water- and stain-resistant materials can cost you more but they are worth the purchase. For one thing, because it’s easy to clean them up.