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Review About AVG Cleaner for Android

AVG has some controversial reviews about its antivirus. However, today we’ll focus on the AVG Cleaner app. A user may trust his device with a popular optimization tool. Why? Let’s discuss in this review about AVG Cleaner for Android.

What is the AVG Cleaner app?

The application in question works on Android and safely removes junk files as well as boosts the system. A user may download the installation file from the Play Market (or the Google Store) and start using it a few seconds later. The application has a few advantages worth your attention. We’ll go over them later in the article.

5 features to convince you to try this app

If your smartphone got too slow and you’ve got no idea what to do, optimizing it can be a great start. Using the app, a user removes junk files that can’t be deleted otherwise. The application is very easy and convenient. It comes with at least five advantages:

  1. Cash cleanup gets rid of the hidden and seen processes that happen in the background and slow down the device.
  2. Disk cleanup deletes all bulky files. The feature also removes junk files. Mind that the app won’t remove anything without the user’s approval. So, pay attention to what you agree to delete. There is no coming back.
  3. Photo gallery optimization scans the photos to offer a user to delete duplicated, blurred pictures, etc. This app makes suggestions while the user swipes left to right to preserve or remove the photo.
  4. The cloud exchange is a feature that offers to clean up space by moving some objects to the cloud. A user can pick the preferable cloud service he uses, e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.
  5. An optimization tool saves batter life. Whenever the app consumes too much battery power, the tool shuts it down or switches to the safe-power mode.

The benefits of AVG Cleaner

This application has a bundle of helpful tools. However, it also brings other advantages. One of them is the possibility to set up automated reminders. There is no need to check it all the time. Just set up alerts when you want to do the cleanup and stop worrying about it. Reminders also come when the software detects unnecessary data than can be removed.

AVG Cleaner has a very simple interface and a boost widget. It appears separately and boosts up the system with one touch. Keep in mind that since the app is free, it shows advertisements at the bottom of the interface. As long as you don’t click on them, your smartphone is safe from online threats.

Is AVG Cleaner worth my time?

Well, judging by the selection of features and the benefits described above, the AVG Cleaner is very well worth trying. Anyway, it’s completely free meaning you won’t lose anything by installing it. If you won’t like the quality of services, you may always remove the application.

This can be the best solution to users who keep facing warnings about the lack of space when the smartphone is almost empty. There might be processes happening in the background that take too many resources. AVG Cleaner can be one of the solutions to assist you in eliminating this issue.


A convenient interface and a wide selection of features make it very appealing. There is nothing to lose here, except for junk file.