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Best Free VPN for Kodi – Is It Possible?

It is hard to live in wartime, especially if you are a target on the battlefield of global marketing companies and corporations of software developing. Specialists of both sides make numerous attempts to hit you and win your choice. When their interests intersect, one should be especially careful alike the sapper in making decisions as they could hit significantly. Of course, you can make a safer one and buy a protection product without spending much time on exploring the market, but if you are interested in choosing the best free VPN for Kodi – here we are!

Why choosing a free VPN for Kodi is so dangerous and vital?

  • Kodi is an open-source universal media player that can be used for diverse purposes on different devices, so…
  • Almost all programmers have the ability to change the initial code or add new functions to the app, which led to…
  • A developed free version that is widespread all over the world and can satisfy almost every user due to…
  • A variety of addons which open needed functions to a diverse audience in different parts of the world.

However, all the advantages mentioned above also can be used in a negative shade:

  • Open-Source software is always under the threat of being used by swindlers;
  • The popularity of this media player only facilitates the peril as can hit a wider audience;
  • Even unique possibilities of a new addon can hide some kind of a spy danger.

VPN services seem to have all the required capabilities to protect a Kodi user as of:

  • Having powerful encryption methods to change transmitting information;
  • Using layered tunneling protocol to hide important information;
  • Providing well-structured reliable certificates and authentication methods while using a VPN;
  • Unlocking geo-restrictions due to shifting real IP-address of the user that cannot be check for validity.

Nevertheless, free VPN services can ignore some items of their usual procedure to suggest a free version as a compromise. Others can collect needed private information and use it as they want but offer a free version of a virtual private network. Some are just not ready to deal with obstacles that Kodi can present and may be regarded as invalid.

In such circumstances, a user of Kodi has to think twice and then to doubt the final decision of how to protect private information that may be stolen. However, there are some reliable free solutions for using Kodi and be fully protected.

Reliable but free VPN for Kodi

We have done deep research and determined the five best free VPNs for Kodi. During the investigation, attention was paid to the great variety of factors that influence a client-oriented product. However, the reliability was not forgotten as the primary and universal parameter that should be in the first place in every VPN. The universal list of parameters of free VPNs can help every client in choosing the most appropriate protection program:

  • Reliability level, usually measured by the feedback of clients and specialists
  • Speed or bandwidth limitations of the VPN
  • Available traffic that is usually suggested monthly
  • Number of countries that may be used for changing IP-address

Those parameters allowed to form the next list (from the most reliable to the least one):

  • Proton VPN (very reliable, some limitations of speed, unlimited traffic, only 3 countries)
  • Windscribe VPN (reliable, good speed, 10 GB/month, 11 countries)
  • me VPN (reliable, 3 Mb/s, 2 Gb/month, all available countries)
  • TunnelBear VPN (reliable, limited speed, 500 Mb/month, all available countries)

ZenMate VPN (medium reliability, some limitations of speed, unlimited traffic, limited list of available countries)